Welcome to Nam Tok Kitchen!

We took over Thai Thai in June and had intended to keep everything the same. However, after about 1.5 months into it we decided to move forward and do our own Thai cuisine as we know it from our Lao and Thai heritage. Gone were the Chinese-American Orange Chicken, and the Japanaese Yakisoba on the menu. It’s caused a fair amount of confusion with the menu switch and recipe changes, so in order to remove any confusion as we are a completely new restaurant, we also have decided to change the name.

Nam Tok means “waterfall” in Thai and Lao. It’s also the name of our signature dish. Since we live in Deschutes county, and “des chutes” means “falls” we thought this was an appropriate name.

Our focus is Northern Thai food, and Lao food from the region that Lee, the brains behind the food, was raised with.

As a rule, the food tends to have more fish sauce, and be more savory than the sweeter dishes from southern Thailand. Thai food tends to be very Americanized and it is our wish to share with you the food that we are accustomed to. We hope that you will really enjoy this experience rather than the run-of-the-mill Thai food.

We welcome you to come in and try this non-Americanized Thai and Lao food so you can learn for yourself what we’re used to eating.

Daniel & Lee